Riding a Motorcycle in Costa Rica

If you are an experienced motorcycle rider, riding is probably the best way to see all of Costa Rica. Most travelers stay at one location and only see a fraction of the country´s beauty, and this is because traveling by car is simply not as efficient, especially in a country like Costa Rica.

Picture taken on a motorcycle tour in Costa RIcaCosta Rica is the best riding destination for bike enthusiasts! You can ride your motorcycle through beaches, waterfalls, mountains and everything in between. Great temperatures, endless number of trails, dirt roads, mountain paths and the eternal beautiful scenery all around. Riding a motorcycle in Costa Rica is simply the best!

There are plenty of options for renting a motorcycle and booking motorcycle tours, if you prefer to have some guidance. The flexibility that riding a motorcycle provides will simply allow you to get a detailed trail map and visit places never thought possible!

If you are wondering whether it´s a good idea to rent a motorcycle in Costa Rica or not, think no more!

Riding a Motorcycle in Costa Rica

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