Jaco Beach Review

Jaco Beach Review

The “Look” of the Beach

1 = Ugly    2 = It´s ok    3 = Pretty/Cool    4 = Very Pretty/Cool     5 = Awesome!!

Grade = 2

Access to be Beach

We would like to be clear about one thing: roads in Costa Rica are tough but doable in most cases. Do not expect USA or Europe Highways.  Most roads have only 2 lanes and are unmarked, which makes it tough to drive at night and when it´s raining. That being said, many people tourists drive and are fine with it.

1 = No Roads     2 = Very Tough     3 = Doable-Use caution     4 = Not Bad     5 = Easy

Grade = 5

Conveniences at the Beach

(Stores, Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Bars, Restaurants)

1 = Nothing around     2 = Very Limited     3 = Limited     4 = Acceptable     5 = Good

Grade = 5


You can get to Jaco Beach in only about 1 hour and 20 minutes from the Juan Santamaría International Airport in Alajuela, driving on Route 34, also called “La Costanera”.

Jaco is a Dark Sand Beach, with some rocky sections (always bring sandals) and some smooth ones. It is tough to predict because it all depends on the currants.

The water is warm, with waves always but you can swim.

On both ends of the long beach you can find big rocks, great for exploring ocean water pools during low tide.

Surfers love the Sound end of Jaco Beach, although you will see them surfing the waves pretty much everywhere. If you want to learn how to surf, this is an excellent beach to begin your practice.

Jacó Beach is a little beach town and very tourist-friendly, you will have no trouble finding what you need. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, ice cream shops, pharmacies, small shops, supermarkets and stands and all along Jaco’s main strip. Also, there are plenty of places to stay, available for all budgets.


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