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Costa Rica Weather

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If you are wondering when to come to Costa Rica Weather wise, the answer is simple: pick any of the 365 days available in one year.

Now you are probably thinking: “yeah right! What about Costa Rica rainy season?”

Here’s the thing about Costa Rica weather; it varies from one coast to the other, which I know sounds unlikely for such a small country, however, it is true.

First off, let’s be clear or rather real about one fact: Costa Rica is a tropical country, it rains no matter what. This is the main reason for its natural beauty, water makes green grow.

However, do not let this fact discourage you; the weather in Costa Rica is wonderful! All you need is a little more information to know where to go when.

Here’s an example about the variation from one coast of Costa Rica to the other:

On the Pacific coast, the months of September and October are the rainiest months of the year.

On the Caribbean coast, the months of September and October are the least rainy months of the year.

So the reality is that you could find someone on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica in the middle of September under an umbrella at 3 in the afternoon (someone who didn’t read this article!) and, turn around to see a very happy camper walking along Punta Uva on the Caribbean side of the country, the very same day at the same time, with lots of needed sun block enjoying the beautiful blue skies and calm seas (that second one could be YOU reading this article right now! 🙂 )

So as you can see, it is not about “when to go” but rather about “where to go when”.

Some more facts about Costa Rica Weather:


  • The Pacific Coast is much drier than the Caribbean Coast.
  • From November up until April you can expect little to no-rain on the Pacific Coast. Typically you will find this month’s to be called the “high season” period.
  • Most of the rainy days in Costa Rica are actually not that bad because a typical rainy day goes like this:

-You will wake up to a beautiful blue-sky morning up until around noon or 1 in the afternoon when it gets dark, it rains for a few hours (which makes it wonderful for an afternoon nap!) and then, the sky will clear again to give you a beautiful starry night.

-Some other days are the other way around: you will wake up to a rainy day but when the afternoon comes, it will clear up.

  • The Caribbean Coast is quite unpredictable. You can count on rainy days no matter which day of the year. Our advice is to try and avoid the bad months (July, December, and January). The rest of the time just remember to keep in mind you are in the Caribbean, rain can be expected. Costa Rica´s information directory.

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