How can I decide where to go?

How can I decide where to go?

These is a small check list to get you started, with a few important points to consider. If you answer these questions, you can slowly begin planning your trip to Costa Rica, with a clearer picture as you go through your answers:

  • Your budget.

Aside from your flight expenses, probably the next biggest expense to consider is:

where to stay in Costa Rica

One thing is true, there is something for everyone in Costa Rica, so definitely there are places for all budgets, it´s just a matter of a little research. Having said that, budget is point number one on this list because of course you have to always stick to it however, having in mind your “magic number”, move on to the next point.

  • What are you into? This is a tough one but just remember: the more honest and realistic you are about yourself (likes and dislikes) the better!

Do you enjoy more touristy places? Or do you prefer to enjoy the “local experience”.

Do you wish to be in the middle of the jungle? Or do you feel more comfortable closer to cities.

Do you want to spend all your time at the beach? or do you wish to get to see more? We have gorgeous National Parks, Volcanoes -active and inactive-, the cloud forest.

Surf Camp Room
Luxury Rooms Costa Rica

Is your health more delicate: do you have a sensitive stomach, do you need special meals, and are you allergic to mosquito bites?

Keeping in mind the answers to these types of questions when you are deciding where to stay will go along way! Remember Costa Rica is a tropical country. You will come across mosquitoes, some humidity –in both cases, more or less depending on the area-, maybe some rain –also depending on the area and time of the year-.

Please be assured that the idea is not to try to discourage you, the contrary! we mainly wish to help you make the right decisions to your trip more comfortable.

Costa Rica is a wonderful paradisaical country; just consider how different (or similar) it might be from where you come from, that way you can make sure to search for places where YOU will feel at peace.

Waterfall Costa Rica
  • When will you get here? Which month? Please consider reading: Costa Rica Weather.
  • How much time do you have?

It is better to experience less places but have a more fulfilling experience, than trying to go everywhere and spend your time traveling from one place to another. Although Costa Rica has beautiful scenery, spending your days driving or riding a bus is not the most fun way to invest your time. Although Costa Rica is a very small country, it is anything but flat! The mountains that run across the whole country make traveling time quite tricky to predict, especially if it´s your first time here. If you have been here in the past, then you probably already know what we are talking about.

Planning your trip can be a lot of fun also and, no matter what you decide or where you end up, we know for a fact you will have a blast in your trip! and bottom line is that probably you will end up coming more than only once.

We´ll see you when you get here!!

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